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Q: Are reservations required? 
A: Yes.  Due to Covid-19 safety measures seating will be extremely limited and under no circumstances will any exceptions  be made once we are full to capacity.


Q: How do I get my holiday ticket? 
A: You will receive an email confirmation and will be placed on the guest list.
There is no need to bring the email print out to the event/s. Address will be emailed the day before Yom Kippur

Q: Why is there no morning service this year? 

A: Due to Covid 19, services will be held outdoor. In an effort to reduce the amount of time that people are out in public as well as to avoid the potential heat of the day. 


Q: What safety precautions is YJP taking in terms of Covid-19? 

A: All services will be held in a beautiful outdoor garden with plenty of shade. Seating will be spaciously apart with an option to sit next to family. Masks are required. All water and food (break-fast) will be individually packaged and prepared with the highest standards of safety precautions.  

G-d wants us to look at safety first. If you have even the slightest symptoms, the responsible and holy thing to do on Yom Kippur is to stay home.


Q: Do I need to bring anything? 
A: No. Just your happy self :).


Q: Is it for young professionals only or can my family join me? 
A: Service is for anyone interested in a meaningful and spiritual prayer experience. The whole family is welcome!


Q: Is the program child-friendly?

A: We have a professional children's program run by Black Tie Kids. Please email to learn more.


Q: What customs will the service follow?

A: The YJP High Holiday services follow traditional Chabad customs. You may see yourself as unaffiliated, Reform, Conservative, or Orthodox. At YJP we see you as Jewish. No Labels. No differences. This service is for anyone looking for a relevant, easy-to-follow, spiritually uplifting High Holiday experience.  


YJP's attending the High Holidays are also going to:

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