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Wed, June 13th

9261 N Alden Dr 90210

A rabbi and tech entrepreneur walk into a bar...

David yarus

Founder, jswipe

Rabbi Mendel Simons

Founder, YJP LA

Tickets rise in price as event fills

David Yarus has been one of the single most impactful, young Jewish leaders impacting the millennial Jewish experience and the broader Jewish community in recent years. David is best known for founding JSwipe, which has grown to over 1-million users worldwide, resulting in thousands of millennial *Jewish* marriages among what is known to be the least-engaged, Jewish generation in recent history, with an interfaith marriage rate of over 70%.


Yarus turned JSwipe into a household brand, making Jewish dating for millennials fun, easy, and accessible, and, more importantly, socially acceptable rather than stigmatized by the less-affiliated who are the most likely to marry outside of the faith. Statistically, 47% of JSwipe users are less-affiliated millennials who identify as “Just Jewish.”


Outside of his work with JSwipe, Yarus is the founder of mllnnl, a Jewish community focused social media and creative agency.  David’s personal and professional social networks reach most Jewish communities around the world. He serves as a spokesperson for the millennial Jewish generation to the media and has dedicated his life to Jewish impact.


Most recently, David has evolved his role as JSwipe Founder to now oversee the JDate brand, community, and partnerships worldwide, for the world’s largest and longest-running Jewish Dating site.

Mendel Simons co-founded YJP Los Angeles in 2012, in an attempt to create a community that he couldn't quite find. Born and raised in Sydney, Australia, Mendel studied at Rabbinic School in Israel, Budapest and New York. 


Having dabbled in the study of psychology and relationships around the world, Mendel has a serious penchant for people. When he's not counseling couples or officiating weddings, Mendel spends his time hiking the local hills - sparking inspiration for creating new and unique platforms and opportunities for young Jewish professionals to connect with each other and their heritage.


Mendel lives in Hancock Park with his wife Rachey and their four children. Let's just say he's finally found that community he was looking for. It's YJP LA.

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