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Led by Rabbi Mendel Simons & Acapella Group

Shabbat Services

6100 Wilshire Blvd 90048, Suite 400

Hakim Synagogue


What were we thinking

Prayer is the path to fully connecting with the power of our inner divine self at a conscious level. Most of us have little-to-no tools when it comes to prayer. The goal of the Hakim Synagogue is to create a distinguished spiritual ambiance, the kind that enables a prayer experience that allows you to completely 'let go' in order to be open and receptive spiritually and emotionally. We look forward to an elevated Shabbat experience for you and your family!

Prayer, when done right, can transform your life. Most of us have little to no training in how to pray and so we experience it as boring, archaic, and irrelevant. 


At YJP we have made it a central part of our mission to curate an experience of prayer and meditation that is meaningful, memorable, and relevant. 


Join us as we use the power of voice and harmonies and the deep mystical teachings of Kabbalah and Chassidus to access the divine within. 


Through music, meditations, and communion with others, become more conscious, present, grounded, and self-led in every area of your life. 


No prior experience necessary. Skeptics welcome.