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Dear YJP Family,


Right now every Jew around the world has Passover on their minds. What will be with supplies? What will be with travel plans or spending time with extended family?

But us Jews have managed to celebrate this holiday of freedom through exile and oppression, through the inquisition and the Holocaust. Through the pogroms, through the gulags and through intifadas.

We will still be here munching on matzah, downing four glasses of wine, and retelling the story of our people, during and long after Coronavirus. 


Because this too shall pass over.



YJP has arranged 'DIY Seder' kits which will include handmade Matzah, Haggadah, Seder plate items, Kiddush cup and a bottle of wine. Kits will be available for pickup on Tues, April 7.


Please submit the form below by Monday, April 6 to reserve a kit.

We've tried to gather all relevant resources to help you do the Seder at home this year. If you or someone you know needs help with anything, we are here for you. Please don't hesitate to contact us. No-one will be turned away due to lack of finances. 

Sending much love and praying for all of us 🙏❤️

Wishing you and your family a safe, meaningful and uplifting Passover!

Rabbi Mendel & Rachey Simons
& The YJP Team

PS. Please join me on Instagram this Monday for a special Kabbalah lecture. 

Special Kabbalah Lecture:

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Reserve a 'DIY Seder' Kit:

*Important: While we will try our absolute best to help as many as we can,

supplies are limited. Kits are not guaranteed until we email you a confirmation.

*Pay it forward: Help YJP distribute to those affected financially


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