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Oct 23: Love & Attraction

Oct 30: Behind Closed doors

Nov 6: Desire, Synergy & Sanctity

Nov 13: Navigating Gender differences


Kabala of Communication - Its Art & Soul

We are a group of young couples that gather to connect and to gain the wisdom - through Kabala - to take on life in a healthy, mindful and efficient way.​

Upcoming: Kabala of Communication
A four-part series with Rabbi Mendel Simons

We live in a time where, the opportunity to connect with people in every area of life - business, social and romantic - has been decreased significantly, ironically, due to technology. In this course, we will explore, based on Kabala, as well as modern psychology, how to develop the lost art of communication, in a modern world.

Wednesdays, 8:00pm

Wine & small bites served


Private Residence (emailed to guest)

PS. While we recommend attending all four sessions, each class can be taken alone. 

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